Well here we are just a few hours away from Roo’s fight against Swedish fighter Jonathon Hogland.

They both weighed in just over at 148.3lbs so after a bit of running in their sauna suits they both made the agreed weight of 148lbs max. The fight is 5×3 minute rounds with 2 minutes rest under FTR.

Jonathon is 25yrs old (Roo 16) and more experienced so this will be a good test for Roo. He is looking forward to the fight and to seeing how he performs and accepts that either way the experience he will gain is invaluable.

He did all his training back at home in WickerCamp (thank you to all our fighters for helping him prepare) he came out fit to fight and had a week here to acclimatise and finish off at Maenam Muay Thai under the guidance of M, the owner and N and Bon the two fighter/trainers. We want to thank them for this opportunity and making us both feel very welcome. They can’t wait for the gym trip in July this year… N and Bon said you’re all going to get it…..Oreyt!!

Unfortunately I cannot be in his corner due to restrictions of women being allowed next to the ring. However our man in Thailand Pete McCormick who has been with WickerCamp for 30yrs and now lives there part time and has known Roo all his life will be there to support him and relay any additional advice I can give between rounds.

The show starts at 9pm (3pm UK time) and Roo is bout #3 so don’t miss it. I will post the link later in this post so check in late……..if you go on YouTube and type in Petchbuncha Stadium you will find it.


Good luck to Roo, my lovely beautiful boy. X

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