Join us Friday evenings @ 7pm for an hour of beasting from Mick with Mick’s World of Pain strength and conditioning class.

A one hour hard core circuit entirely using bodyweight, resistance and fighter’s exercises. The class is designed to build extreme strength and conditioning for ANYONE, all fighters and those who aspire to be.

This unique class is a real ‘old skool’ experience and will challenge and push you to your limits using ladders, ropes, chains, plyo boxes, medicine balls, tyres, benches, cables, telegraph poles, authentic “Thai style” shin conditioning and sand bags. You will not find a class like this anywhere else, many of the extreme exercises are specific to Muay Thai and devised by Mick himself. This is the ultimate intense training session to develop a champion’s strength, power, endurance and conditioning.

If you think you’re strong and want to really test yourself, or you want to use and develop your physical strength in a natural and more complete way, come and try this class. Always busy and immensely popular it is open to all levels of ability…….. and Mick GUARANTEES results!