Please find our revised timetable on our booking site below.  Please also read the information below thank you!


Due to the ongoing COVID19 restrictions our classes are still bagwork based to adhere to govt. guidelines.

There are some dedicated classes on offer (B1, B2/3, Int/Adv, Women Only, Junior) as well as open classes that anyone can attend.

We ask you to observe the following rules and guidelines when training at Wicker Camp…

  • there will be a one way system in place….you will enter through the usual entrance and exit via our fire escape route (at the bottom of the gym next to the boxing ring)
  • you must book your chosen class via our online booking site….
  • You cannot just turn up for a class: you will not be allowed to train unless you have pre-booked.
  • due to restricted numbers our evening classes are very busy so there is a maximum of 3 evening classes per week anyone can attend to enable everyone the opportunity to train.
  • you will have your own dedicated training area so please remain in that area throughout the session.
  • please arrive in your training kit, our changing rooms are open to 1 person at a time and you cannot leave anything in any communal areas. You do have access to our toilets.
  • you must observe social distancing of 1m+ whilst queuing up and training.
  • please use our hand sanitizing stations before and after your session and clean down your area after the session with the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided.
  • we cannot provide gloves so please bring your own (quality bag gloves are on sale at £20). Also bring a towel for floor work.

We understand these rules are fairly restrictive, but in order to keep open we must conform to COVID guidelines, these rules are in place to help us all.


Firstly we would like to thank all those members who were able to continue with their payments throughout this difficult time.

Direct Debits – there will be no Direct Debit memberships available until we are 100% sure there is no possibility of further forced closures. We have requested that ALL our DD members cancel their payments with their banks as we have a new company in place for when we are ready to restart.

Cash Monthly Memberships – Monthly membership will be available from 17th May 2021.

Pay as you train – at the moment please pay as you train at £5/class adult, £4/class childU18.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all. We have re-invested thousands of pounds at Wicker Camp, this is for you and the future of the camp, we hope you like your new facilities.