We have designed a structured syllabus here at Wicker Camp (see in detail on our syllabus page) which allows you to develop Muay Thai techniques and skills and progress from Beginner to Advanced level and, if suitable, onto our Coaching programme to become a qualified Muay Thai Instructor. Students follow the syllabus in their classes or through private tuition and our Instructors monitor progress and can advise on when a student is ready to grade and progress to the next class.

Students are assessed on the following aspects: stamina, flexibility and strength, demonstrating shadow boxing (assessing balance, knowledge and application), padwork (assessing power, accuracy, speed and timing), sparring (not for B1 level), ram muay (not for B1 level). There are 2 ways to grade:

Group Grading

These are pre-set dates throughout the year always on a Sunday and approximately every 3 months (March, June, September, December). Students grade in small groups and are allocated set times for them to grade.

Private Grading

If you are unable to attend the group grading or want to grade in a more private environment then private gradings are available. We set aside slots on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sat and Sunday at 11am for private gradings but if these do not suit other days and times can be booked.