Wicker Camp Constitution- Mick Mullaney est.1977.


Part 1. The official name for this Organisation is Wicker Thai Boxing Camp.
Part 2. This Organisation may also use the name Wicker Camp, Wicker Muay Thai Camp, and Sheffield Thai Boxing Gymnasium in publicity materials and correspondences.


Part 1. The primary purpose of this organisation is to promote and practice authentic Muay Thai and pass on its traditions in its entirety so that its original cultural heritage will continue.

Part 2. The secondary purpose of this organisation is to operate as a full time Community facility encouraging fairness and equal opportunities for all, and will never discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Part 3. Its further purpose is to maintain itself financially and support local, national and international charities and other humanitarian causes, whilst not promoting any particular political or religious beliefs. The organisation will welcome any and all individuals who respect this policy.


Part 1. Membership is open to anyone over the age of five (5) years.

Part 2. Individuals who require special needs are also welcome to practice and learn to the best of their abilities, provided their particular special needs can be met by our staff and our facilities.

Part 3. All members are required to pay for the facilities they use prior to taking part in any organised activity.

Part 4. There is a right to FREE or complimentary use of our facility (at our discretion) for any individuals who are unable to pay for the facilities. All members on low income will automatically receive subsidised training fees, together with all members under the age of eighteen (18).

Part 6. Members may have their membership withdrawn for any behaviour that opposes this Constitution.


Part 1. A General meeting will be convened once in every year.

Part 2. Special meetings will be convened every three (3) months by staff to discuss daily running of the organisation and to implement any new procedures and / or withdraw any practices that are detrimental to our organisation.

Syllabus and Procedure.

Part 1. The Muay Thai syllabus will enable students to identify and practice the CULTURAL, STRATEGIC, TECHNICAL, and PHYSICAL demands of Muay Thai.

Part 2. Students will learn in stages appropriate to their ability, allowing a safe and progressive approach to the art of Muay Thai.

Part 3. All members must apply for a Licence and Grading Record Book; which is renewable every twelve (12) months.

Part 4. Participant safety is of paramount importance.
Students must adhere to stringent safety practice at all times, taking instruction and guidance from their KRU (teacher) or Assistant Kru.

Part 5. Misuse or abuse of Muay Thai skills will not be tolerated. Matters concerning bullying, intimidation or other anti-social behaviour will lead to expulsion from Wicker Camp.