Birmingham Result 

Harry Hardwick (Wicker) vs Reis Sliver (K Star)

This was an important fight for Harry, having retired himself after the first round in his last fight, struggling with confidence.

This fight was well matched, and Reis proved to be a worthy, strong and resilient opponent. This time round, Harry had his head in the game and took control from the first bell using his reach to his advantage, landing teeps to the face and body, well timed body kicks and ultimately what won him the fight his piercing knees in the clinch.

Reis stood strong for 3 rounds fighting back using his leg kick well and landing some good uppercuts in the clinch. Reis took a count at the end of the 3rd round. Harry continued to land strong knees in the 4th and the referee stopped the contest.

It was a fantastic win and result for Harry against a tough opponent, we are looking forward to seeing the new improved Harry again in 2024.

Team Sparring 

The Team Sparring is on Friday 15th December at 6pm. The list is up on the wall next to the fire bell outside the gents. Open to all graded students, our last event was fantastic with all the atmosphere of a mini show. Can the blue team seek revenge and win back the Team Sparring Championship Cup.

Xmas Do

Our Xmas gathering is on Sunday 17th December at the Kommune in Castle House Angel Street in town. It’s a modern contemporary social space with a couple of bars and a good few eateries.

Please book a place if you want to attend 07379769213 …… we need to submit numbers.

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