Exclusive Personal Tuition in Muay Thai.

The massive popularity of our Personal Tuition Program means we have even more Instructors available for private tuition than ever before. Male and female Instructors with years of MuayThai experience are ready to teach you in our 3,000 sq. ft. dedicated full time Thai-Boxing Gym.

Wicker Camp instructors

All our Instructors are taught by Arjarn Mick Mullaney, and hold an Instructor’s qualification recognized by the World MuayThai Council in Thailand (the world governing body for MuayThai). They all have extensive ring experience, have trained in Thailand at Professional Camps, and understand the principles behind training in MuayThai and how to tailor your programme to make you improve. They all hold Professional Indemnity Insurance, so are all fully insured to teach you safely and responsibly.

A one-off private lesson can be arranged any time to suit you, and will provide intense tuition on a one-to-one basis. It is also possible for small groups of individuals to share the same lesson if you wish, so that you can share the cost of the lesson. (maximum number of students is 6). More experienced students may opt for a single lesson to work on a specific technique or to prepare for a Grading. Please try to give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your private lesson. Failure to do so will result in a £5 charge for non attendance.

The most common and cheapest way to book personal tuition is to book a short course of lessons so that your Instructor can plan your improvement in Thai-Boxing over a length of time. It really is up to you. Your first lesson will aim to establish your goals and expectations at this time. By opting for personal tuition students can determine which aspects of Muay Thai training they want to cover in their lessons such as specific self defence techniques, fight training and conditioning, improving cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility. The format for achieving successful results is fairly intense and you will improve very quickly by having personal tuition. You will experience a variety of different types of warm-up, flexibility and stamina training. You will be introduced to shadow boxing, padwork, ringcraft, clinchwork, bagwork and sparring. From time to time more experienced Thai-Boxers may be introduced into your lesson to help perfect certain techniques and skills. Meticulous details will be kept on performance, techniques studied and progress made to ensure an accurate assessment of improvement.

These courses can be booked in 5 lesson blocks and must be paid for in advance. Discipline and respect are important to us; late attendance will be deducted off the hour booked. Please note that these lessons are fixed times and cannot be changed. If you cannot make a pre-booked lesson with your Instructor you will lose that lesson. We need your commitment to each lesson to guarantee your improvement. (NB. If you cannot commit to block booked lessons, you should consider one-off private lessons instead.)

One-off Private Lesson costs from £15 to £35 depending on instructor and length of lesson. 

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