Results Birmingham 

Arkan (left) and Harry (right) both fought yesterday. Arkan fought local lad Aiden Banks. This was a step up to his first B class match against a really tough opponent. The match was made at 55kg and in hindsight probably a little bit too light for Arkan as he struggled to make the weight the day before and looked drained and I felt it affected his performance on the day. It was an amazing fight though and both lads fought their heart out exchanging good kicks, punches and knees. Arkan used his hands and low kicks very well but Aiden was just ahead throughout the fight with a higher work rate and stronger in the clinch. Arkan proved he can give 100% and really dig in when needed.

Harry’s fight was very similar, an exciting close fight against another local Kieron Allsop. Harry worked hard throughout the fight with good boxing and excellent teeps but Kieron was just ahead on work rate kicking more and landing more in the clinch. Harry gave everything he had and gave Kieron a tough fight and really proved he can battle.

Extremely proud of both lads and two excellent performances gaining invaluable experience that they can only grow from and become better for next time.

Thanks to Steve Logan and Adrian Macguire for a great old school show, only 14 fights but all great quality and worth every penny and we got to do our Ram Muay which so many promoters sell out.


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