Upcoming Shows

9th June KStar Show Birmingham

Arkan Hussain and Harry Hardwick are fighting on this event. Tickets available soon.

14th to 17th June Waterford Ireland

Roo March-Mullaney, Franky Sandor and Riley Carnall are all competing as part of the UKMF GB Team in this international event.

Team Sparring

Friday 21st June is set for the next Team Sparring event so get ready to have a pop.

Group Grading

Sunday 30th June is our next group grading. Names list will be on reception soon so have a chat with your instructor and see if you’re ready.

Gents Changing Room

We have cleared all clothes from the Gents. If you had anything hung up then it will be in black bags in reception. Please collect asap as unclaimed clothes will be used to fill punch bags.

Whilst we don’t mind people leaving some training kit in the changing room we do object to smelly dirty kit being left in there for weeks on end….especially as it’s getter warmer. Sauna suits need to be rinsed out not just left to drip your sweat everywhere….. disgusting !!! Please take your kit home regularly to be washed.

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