Arjarn Mick Mullaney

It is with a mixture of happiness and sadness that I formally declare my intention to retire from teaching Muay Thai at Wicker Camp.

At the age of 65 I am feeling my age and my skills are definitely going…. 5555! Over the past 48 years I have had a wonderful career of fighting and teaching others the art of Muay Thai. The countless Muay Thai champions and fighters I have produced over this time, and the wonderful people I have been privileged to meet both locally and from all over the world have made me proud beyond words.

It is now time to move on and develop something else for my future.

Of course, this will not affect anything at Wicker Camp. My wonderful wife Trix March, of 35 years, will continue to run EVERYTHING; just as she always has – so the gym is in very capable hands.

(Just a quick word about Trix: this woman is a giant, my rock, my right hand and behind the scenes she has always been responsible for so much that has made Wicker Camp internationally famous throughout many years without the true recognition she deserves. I wouldn’t have achieved anything without her.)

We also have a fantastic team of 10 wonderfully loyal and massively experienced Muay Thai coaches at the gym to continue to help you all develop on your Muay Thai journey.

I am now going to concentrate my efforts at becoming a full time Artist – doing the other thing I love.

Fortunately my Art studio is located in the gym so I’ll still be around to say hello to everyone and answer the odd question and give advice on training whenever required.

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