Arkan Hussain and  Henry Chester: these lads train so hard never missing a session, they’re dedicated and committed.

Henry fought Tyler Price from Black Widows. This was Henrys first C class fight and was always going to be a good test as Tyler is a very good technical fighter with junior experience and a couple more adult fights than Henry.

Henry’s leg defence was excellent and he countered well. He used his body kick very well and landed some good punches. There was some good exchanges but Tyler was always first to attack and always last to reply. A very good technical fight against a good technical fighter, a good learning fight for Henry who lost on points but gave 100%.

Arkan fought local lad Lewis Kelly from Assassins, taller than Arkan and slightly more experienced with two more fights.

This was Arkan’s first C class fight and what a fight it turned out to be. Both lads gave all and it was a good clash of tactics. Arkan led with great punching combinations finishing with kicks. This worked well for him but Lewis used his length very well and closed Arkan down using his knees in the clinch. It was a very close exciting fight to watch and the decision went to Lewis in the end. A fantastic performance and great experience.

Thank you to Iman, Mark and Maxine for a great show and to all our spectators. Well done to the fighters, you gave all and fought so well.

Trix and James

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