Medway Sports Club 

What a day…..extremely proud of our lads today. All performed very well and demonstrated good schooling and technique and a strong fighting spirit.

Bailey Dunn.

Bailey has proved to be worthy of fight camp doing well at interclubs and showing he is dedicated to put the time and effort in for competition. He had to pull out of his first fight camp with an appendicitis and on his second camp the show was cancelled!!

He was due to fight his first N class on this show but his opponent pulled out and he was rematched with an interclub decision bout. Not what we wanted but better than nothing.

The contest was 3 x 1.5 minutes and it proved to be good match. Bailey used his footwork well throughout contest and scored with good well timed accurate kicks and punches. They both exchanged good body and low kicks with Bailey using his defence and countering skills better. The match was a technical bout with Bailey looking the better boxer but the decision was a draw. A great performance on a bigger show and valuable early experience.

Ezell Holub

If you know Ezell you will know he’s a little pocket rocket. He’s 11yrs old and difficult to match as he seems to be inbetween weights at the moment. He’s always had tough fights and this was no exception at all. His opponent was older and more experienced and a little heavier and very good!!! This was his 4th fight and I can honestly say his toughest yet and he proved he can really dig in and showed he had the courage of a lion.

Yusuf used his advantage very well taking Ezell down in the clinch at every opportunity. Ezell kept getting up and getting stuck back in using his footwork and timing very well landing counter kicks and punches. His work rate was good and he stayed in the fight working throughout and gaining respect from the crowd. Yusuf was quicker and stronger and that proved to be too much for Ezell who in the end lost in points. Not hurt or fazed Ezell showed great courage, determination and fighting spirit and his performance was outstanding, I was so proud of him in the end.

Franky Sandor

Franky is 15yrs old and this was going to be his first N class head contact fight. His opponent IsaKhan is much more experienced, a year older, a bit taller but the same weight and holds a few titles but it was also his first head contact fight. It was going to be a tough one for Franky but valuable experience and we’ve been working hard for him to make that transition.

What a performance!!!! Franky really exceeded my expectations and once he got his punches working Isa found it hard to get in and score. Isa used his body kick well and was stronger in the clinch but Franky’s punch and kick combinations really dominated the rounds and he got better in each round. It was a well matched contest and exciting to watch. We thought (and so did the ref and promoter) Franky had won but the decision was a draw. The result was not important because Franky’s performance was fantastic, I was so proud again!!

Thanks to Paul Sutton for the show, and to our supporters who made the trip. Thanks to my lovely Roo for seconding and Sebastian too. X



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