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Riley Carnall vs Archie Price K-Star 

This was Riley’s 2nd fight against Archie who he had done an interclub with last month. On paper it was a good match although Archie was a year older and slightly taller. It was going to be a good test for Riley.

Both boys showed good technique landing good punches and kicks in the first two rounds with Archie having the higher work rate in both rounds. Riley came out stronger in the 3rd round with a good take downs and some good body and leg kicks. The 4th and 5th again had some good exchanges but Archie was too strong and his higher work rate won him the fight. A good performance from Riley against a strong opponent and a good learning fight, onward and upward.

Roo March-Mullaney vs Damon Davis K-Star

This was Roo’s 4th fight against Damon who was much older and more experienced. The fight was originally for an English title but Roo unfortunately didn’t make the weight. This proved to be an exciting all action bout.

The first round saw Roo pick his shots well and score using great footwork and countering skills dominating the round. Damon came out stronger in the second and cornered Roo and landed a head kick which knocked Roo down, he took an 8 count and recovered very well getting straight back in the fight. The 3rd was pretty even with both fighters landing good body kicks and Roo landing good knees in the clinch. The 4th round was Roo’s, after catching a body kick and stepping in and landing a solid elbow to Damon’s chin he took an 8 count and looked unsteady when he got up. Roo launched more attacks pushing forward with elbows, a couple of knees to the head and punches until the ref gave another 8 count. Roo continued to move forward again on the attack until the bell, Damon showed great resilience and courage and was always trying to fight back. The 5th round Damon landed some good body shots but Roo’s footwork and countering skills dropped Damon to the floor a couple of times and he landed some solid punches and knees.

A great performance and win for Roo against a strong resilient tough opponent. Definitely fight of the night for its action and suspense.

Thank you to K-Star for a great show, thanks to all our wonderful supporters from WickerCamp and to James my cornerman and world champion 🌎 and Oceane all the way from Bordeaux.

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