Well I don’t know what to say………. I am sat back at my bungalow and my heart is filled with pride. I am obviously gutted for Roo BUT what a performance. Jonathon had fought at Rajadamneon last week and won his fight so for Roo to give him a good fight was amazing!!

He showed excellent evasive footwork and fought fantastic in rounds one and two. There’s lots to work on but Jonathon was just stronger and more experienced. I knew it would be dangerous staying in close too long and credit to Jonathon for pushing forward and waiting for the right time, a lack of experience cost Roo the result.

Roo is okay and not injured thankfully and although he was disappointed in the result he is pleased with his performance. So many people congratulated him after complimenting him on his great style. Jonathon and his coach were very kind enough to say they thought Roo was going to be ‘a super star’ and were very impressed on how he fought. Even the promoter came to say the same, we can’t wish for more than that. He will only grow from that experience.

Again thanks to Maenam MuayThai for looking after him, M, N and Bon and to Pete McCormick for being in his corner, for WickerCamp. I hope one day I will be able to be there for Roo in the same way.

Thanks to everyone for your support we hope you enjoyed watching live from Thailand. See you all very soon. X




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