Roo in Thailand

Roo has settled into training very well at Maenam Muay Thai. M the owner and the two fighters, N and Bon are looking after him very well in preparation for his upcoming fight on the 24th.

We had a worrying start as was in A&E the day before we left with a swollen neck and jaw which was very painful and unable to swallow or speak (the latter being not so bad!!).

The doctor diagnosed sialadenitis (infection in his salivary gland), so was given a 10 day course of antibiotics and after a few days they have done their job and the swelling and pain has almost gone.

He has been matched with a Swedish fighter who trains out of Pattaya. He his older and more experienced but Roo is not fazed and will give 100%. He understands the outcome is not important at this stage, only that he fights well and gains valuable experience.

I will update you with more details and hopefully we will post a link on the website where you can watch the fight live.

Upcoming Shows 

We have a number of fighters in training at the moment for upcoming shows.

Pretty Killer Promotions in Leicester on the 9th March.

Arkan Hussain has been matched so far and we are hoping we will have a few more on this show.

Elite Promotion in Birmingham on the 16th March. Matches to follow.

Group Grading 

Our next group grading is on Sunday 24th March. Something to work towards so look out for the names list on reception in February.

Team Sparring Event

Our next very popular and action packed Team Sparring event will be on Friday 5th April. Open to graded students both adult and junior you will ply your skills against other WickerCamp students sparring for either the Blue or Red Team.

This in-house event are very popular and extremely fun to do with a little bit of competitive spirit.

A good way to test yourself in a very safe and familiar environment and an excellent forerunner for those students eventually wanting to do interclubs.

Archer Project 

Thank you to all those who donated clothes and food for the Archer Project. We have received a lovely thank you letter from them.


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