Well done to everyone who took part in last nights Team Sparring event. As always it was an amazing evening with a fantastic display of skill and devotion to our beautiful sport of Muay Thai.

It was an extremely close battle between Red and Blue team with the final result resting on the final bout between best friends Yusuf (12yrs) and Adnan (12yrs). After 3 amazingĀ  rounds it had to go to a 4th round to decide. The atmosphere was electric and by only the smallest of margins the result was Red Team.

It’s an honour to see all our lovely students challenge themselves and have such a great experience. We are filled with pride and joy watching you all grow and develop into good strong Thai Boxers.

Many thanks to all our supporters, to James and Darren for refereeing, the Captains Leon and Arkan, the seconds Roo and Franky and the lovely 15″ Ailsa on receptionšŸ„°

We are also happy to be able to donate Ā£115 to MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians).

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