Water Bottles 

We have 42 bottles of varying shapes and sizes!!!

Unfortunately we are not a storage facility with endless space and cannot keep accumulating them so they will be recycled all of them this coming weekend.


We are redesigning our locker area and replacing our lovely old rusty smelly metal lockers with a contemporary more open airy system.

I will be sad (and I know others will be too) to see them go as we’ve had them for 25+ years!!! 🥰

Please come and empty your locker or collect your kit from above the lockers by the end of November.

Open Session Week

We hope you’re enjoying our open session week. These sessions are an excellent way to practice your technique and train alongside other students from other classes. We feel they’re important to your progress and something which we can offer maybe once in a while.

Please give us some feedback in the comments box next to the tea and coffee station in reception.

Group Grading 

Our next and final group grading if the year will be on Sunday 10th December. If you’re interested then please have a chat with one of our instructors to see if you’re eligible and pick up a ‘rules and conduct’ sheet from reception.

Well done lads…

Our lads are home and I just want to say a final well done to them. They all fought extremely well and conducted themselves in a professional manner. The experience will be memorable and so important in their development.

A big thank you to the sponsors who contributed financially towards the boys expenses….

The Old Number Eight Tattoo Studio in Parkgate Rotherham.

Burrows Motor Company.

and to the anonymous donor.

And thank you to James Ogden for taking them as I couldn’t go, he proved to be a valuable member of team GB and will be attending future events.


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