Franky Sandor 14yrs -48kg was moved up to the -51kg category due to some teams pulling out at the last minute. This weight category is a bit heavy for Franky but he was there to fight so was prepared to give it his all.

He fought Simas Ziminskas from Lithuania who was also slightly taller. It was a tough fight and Franky had to dig deep and fight clever. His performance was excellent and he won on points taking him into the final.

The other person in the final was his team mate Byron Collingswood from Team GB so they both win a gold medal 🥇🥇.  Congratulations to both and what a lovely birthday present for me.

Jan Tancos 17yr -63.5kg. This was Jan’s first time fighting abroad in the GB Team and first time under IFMA rules. He fought Yakis Mazchenko from Lithuania who came out all guns blazing in the first round. Jan weathered the storm very well and lost the first round but stayed focused and grew stronger in each round. James thought he just won the 2nd and definitely won the 3rd but the judges only gave him the 3rd round. An excellent first time performance and a great experience to bring home to his next fight. Well done Jan.

Roo March-Mullaney 16yrs -67kg fought Jokubas Kazarezas also from Lithuania who was quite a bit taller. Roo used his footwork very well and scored predominantly with his kicks, especially his right leg kick. He landed some good elbows and head kicks and his opponent took an 8 count in the 3rd round. A comfortable win taking him into the final tomorrow. Good luck Roo and same again please.

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