Lithuania IFMA Baltics 

This is an open international amateur tournament from the 2nd to 6th November.

Roo March-Mullaney 16yr, Franky Sandor 14yr and Jan Tancos 17yr have been selected to represent the UK as part of the GB national team. James Ogden will be taking them as a guest GB coach along with the GB UKMF coaching team, unfortunately I cannot go as I am away.

Once again this is a self funded trip and the total cost for WickerCamp athletes is £1,770.00.

The gym is contributing £1,000.00 towards the costs which leaves £192.50 to be self funded.

Burrows Motor Company have kindly agreed to sponsor Franky and we are looking for possible sponsors for Roo and Jan.

We are very lucky to have these opportunities from the UKMF and fighting internationally is fantastic experience for our youth.

Please contact Trix on 07743596420 if you can help. Thank you.


We are refurbishing our locker area and replacing the metal lockers with a new improved pigeon hole system. Although the lockers are very old, rusty and smelly I will be sad to see them go as we’ve had them for nearly 25 years!!!!

Anyone that has kit in them needs to empty their locker by the 20th November as they are going to be skipped along with anything in them. Thank you.

Upcoming fights

We have fighters in camp training for shows in Birmingham and Lowestoft in December. More info will follow soon.

Xmas Party 🎄

Any ideas for a WickerCamp Christmas party are welcome.

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