Results – S3 Junior Championships 

From left to right: Jan Tancos 15yrs, Sebastian Holub 13yrs, Franky Sandor 12yrs.

Franky fought a great fight against a taller and 3kg heavier opponent. It was a close fight and Franky landed some great punches and kicks. His opponent fought a clever fight using his long range scoring with push kicks and then using his weight advantage in the clinch. Although bigger and heavier Frankys performance was solid and he just lost on points.

Jans fight was well matched and he fought very well. Jan was scoring with good kicks and take downs and his opponent became frustrated by the 4th and was disqualified for continuous head shots. Jan won the S3 Area title.

Sebastian fought a smaller kid who was less experienced. He fought well but Sebastian’s superior footwork and his experience was apparent scoring cleanly with strong punches kicks and knees. A good win on points for the S3 Area title.

Covid Protocols 

In light of the new rise in infections and winter viruses going around we ask all our members to be vigilant with their hygiene protocol whilst in the gym.

We remind you to sanitise and wipe down any bags or pads you have used and use the hand sanitiser stations around the gym and in the toilets.

Please do not come to the gym if you have any symptoms of flu or covid or even just a heavy cold. This can be passed on easily and stop other people from training.

These measures are in place to protect our members and our staff.

K-Star Show 05.12.2021

Please order your tickets direct with fighters or with Trix on 07743596420.






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