Elite Show Birmingham

Franky Sandor lost on points. A great performance against a very good technical fighter Suliman Wazir who was lighter but more experienced than Franky.

Jan Tancos lost on points, again with a great performance for his first fight. A stressful start as he failed his temperature check 3 times and they would not let him fight without a negative covid test. No one had a test! After running around for 30 mins we managed to get one form a local hotel and he was given the go ahead. His opponent was very strong and started off very fast but Jan weathered the storm and came back in the 4th and 5th but a bit too late and just lost on points.

Sebastian Holub didn’t win the British Title but Marcus was stronger (more experienced and 2 years older) on the day and it was an explosive fight. Sebastian started off fantastic with solid push kicks and a great throw in the 2nd but Marcus finished stronger taking the on points.

We didn’t get the results but very happy with all their performances. Good learning fights that always make you a better fighter in the end.

They are all fighting again back in Birmingham on the 28th Nov.

Unfortunately I got stuck in Birmingham traffic and couldn’t get back in time for our seniors.

MTGP Sheffield

This was Adnan Ali’s first fight under N class rules. He gave everything he had in every round and took the decision on points. A tough first fight and a great performance.

Guillem Martinez fought C class and after winning his 2nd fight only 6 weeks ago was still in the zone. His opponent was very strong and dominated the fight with a good solid leg kick. Unfortunately Guillem had to retire in the 4th. Back in the gym to work on defence ready for his next one…. another learning fight so important in a fighter’s development.

James Pierce #3 in UK fought A class against #4 rated Chad Ryan. Chad really wanted the #3 slot so was determined. James started well with good combo’s and ringcraft catching Chad with strong punches. James edged the first 2 rounds but Chad came back in the 3rd landing strong knees and elbows. Early in the 4th James went down and was unable to continue due to a calf injury. He’s been struggling with this for a few months on and off. A great shame but he will be back once the injury has healed.

Many thanks to James who held the fort in Sheffield so well and Jimbob.

Thanks to all our parents and supporters who make the effort and support our fighters so well. Finally to all our fighters who train so hard and show such dedication, it’s hard to remember that the journey is more important than the destination sometimes.




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