Upcoming Shows 

Road to MTGP Sheffield

WickerCamp have 3 fighters competing on this show.

James Pierce is fighting A class against Chad Ryan (Franks Gym) Manchester.

We also have Guillem Martinez and Adnan Ali fighting C class.

Tickets are on sale £30 from reception.

Thai Pads

We have a number of old Thai Pads for sale….only £10 each. Most are in good condition for home use.

Group Grading 🎉👏👏👏

Congratulations to all our students who graded on Sunday. We welcome you into your new class and hope your onward journey is just as exciting.

The next group grading is scheduled for Sunday 12th December.

Plan International

We continue (with your help) to sponsor (through Plan International) Natthaphat, a young boy who lives in northern Thailand.

The sponsorship ensures an education for Natthaphat and supports community initiatives to improve educational opportunities for him and his family.


WaterAid is one of the charity’s we support on a regular basis; so we would like to see less water wastage in the gym please.

Everyday in the gym many unfinished water bottles are collected, we use some of the water for our plants🌱 and Tilly🐶 and Herman🐶.

However lots of the water is wasted and everyday we pick up at least one bottle thats almost full!!

We are extremely lucky to have access to clean running water let alone the privilege of buying mineral water. In light of our current climate status let’s take stock of that and try to be more mindful of water wastage.


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