New Timetable from Monday 2nd August……..

Here is our new timetable……… we have listened to what you want and tried to accommodate everyone’s needs. We hope you enjoy the new classes and new times and we’ll see how it runs and review it in a couple of months.

From Monday 2nd August

We are back to our pre pandemic format in most of our classes, ie: partner and padwork and sparring. However students will still be given the option to train on the punch bags independently if preferred.

Shout out to our new B2/3 students who are enjoying the new format …….

Some practices we will keep……..
Our one way system is still in use and encouraged especially if there is a class after yours. So if you come changed you can leave via the fire exit straight after your class that will help reduce congestion on our entrance stairs.

Our changing rooms and showers are now open; HOWEVER any items left will be disposed of immediately into our lost property bin which will be emptied weekly.

Wearing face masks in our reception and spectator areas is optional.

Sanitizing – ALL students MUST sanitise the area and equipment they have used. We also recommend regular hand sanitizing whilst in the gym.

Private Tuition

WickerCamp offers private tuition 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm; either 1to1 or in small groups up to 6 people in one lesson. They are available from 30 minutes upto 2 hours.

Private tuition is an excellent and intense way of learning Muay Thai. The individualised lessons are tailored to your needs and requirements for the best possible progression and outcome.

We have a number of instructors available all fully insured and qualified with years of experience. It is recommended that you try different instructors out; each instructor has their own style of teaching so you need to find one that suits you best, we are all professional and will not take offence.

Here are our instructors who are available for private lessons (in alphabetical order)………

Buz Burrows
Daz Castledine
Helene Garnett
Sinead Gibney
Trix March
Mick Mason
Pete McCormick
James Ogden
Jamie ‘Jimbob’ Woodward

For instructor numbers please text Chief Instructor Mick Mullaney 07735121121.

The ‘BURPEE class’ challenge….

James and Daz have been doing this mad burpee class 3x a week in the mornings for a couple of months now. They’ve been doing between 600 and a 1,000 burpees in an hour!!!!

Students have been joining in and due to requests and popular demand Daz will be running a private BURPEE class on Thursday evenings from September. Give it a go and surprise yourself….check Daz’s fb page out for more info.

KRUNG order…

The KRUNG order is expected this week. Sparring gloves, handwraps, bag gloves all in great colours. KRUNG is made exclusively for WickerCamp. The gloves have been designed with the best features of all the top brands. They are excellent quality at the most competitive prices.

2 thoughts on “Wickerpedia 26.07.21

  1. Jake Gilbert says:


    i am now working in sheffield so i am wanting to find a new gym to train 3x a week at. i finish 6pm on mon/thurs/fri and weds 7pm. I working 2 minutes away from your gym – I am wanting to do fitness, pad work etc what times are the class and which do you recommend to do if i finish at these times ?

    Please let me know and i will be starting next week if all is well.

    Kind regards,

    1. Trix March says:

      Hi Jake.

      Thanks for your enquiry. Our beginner classes are Mon to Thurs 8pm. Your 1st class is free then it’s £5 per class. We also have an open session Sat and Sun morn at 10am, this is a 10 round bagwork class anyone can come to.
      Please contact me on 07743596420 if you need any further info.

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