Next Phase

From Monday 17th May we move into the next phase which will see some restrictions lifted at WickerCamp.

How this will affect you…

You will have the option to do padwork in any of our adult classes from Monday. If you want to do padwork with someone then you must be in a padwork bubble of 4 people (from no more than 2 households).

If you choose to do padwork in any of the classes then PLEASE ONLY BOOK ONE PERSON INTO THAT CLASS (DO NOT BOOK BOTH PEOPLE IN).

Our timetable remains the same and how you book in online is the same.

Here is our booking link…

We can now also teach group classes from the 17th, so our evening syllabus classes will be instructor led and our open sessions will be supervised by an instructor.

We will also be re-introducing padwork into the junior classes starting with the graded 5.30pm classes first.
The beginner classes at 4.30pm and the Sat class at 9am will start with bag sharing. This will allow our less experienced children to get accustomed to working with a partner.
We will facilitate this in the classes and find suitable partners for each child. We do understand some children may find this difficult initially and it may take time to transition into this way of training; we will support our juniors through this process.

Any questions please feel free to text or call Trix on 07743596420.

Membership Packages

From Monday 17th May the following membership packages will be available. Our new packages are cash monthly and are for unlimited training. We do not have any Direct Debit packages, any long term packages or any concession packages at the moment.

You still have the option to pay as you train per session…… Adult£5 Child£4.

Adult Beginner £36

Adult Intermediate £34

Adult Advanced £32

Red £25

Children U19 £25

New cute kit bags

These new WickerCamp branded bags are ideal for either your kids kit or your smelly gloves, shorts and a tshirt! Only £7 and in fab colours……. black, red, sky blue, green and pink.



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