Only 4 weeks to go before we can reopen and enjoy hitting those bags againšŸ„Š

It’s been a hard slog these last 7 weeks but today with only 4 weeks to go it seems we are nearly therešŸ™

Classes start back on Monday 12th April. This will be the initial timetable……

Online booking will be live from 1st April.

We know everyone is dying to get back but please be considerate and limit your attendance to no more than 4 classes per week as we are limited to 19 people per session.

If you paid for a membership in December or hold a 6 or 12 monthly membership then bring your card and we will honour any time missed.

We can’t wait to see you all, the gym will be deep cleaned but with it’s old school rustic charm and the smell of Thai Oil and hard work as you walk up those stairs. X

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