Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all well.

Sorry I’ve not posted much lately or done any new training clips but I thought there was enough content in previous posts for you to mix and match and James’s live sessions are also available and very popular every Mon Wed Fri 6.30pm.

It’s been hard to stay positive and motivated to be honest over the last couple of weeks and we are feeling very apprehensive about tonight’s gov’t broadcast and what lies ahead for Wicker Camp.

We know that gyms will be one of the last businesses to re-open BUT we hope that eventually when we do we can offer classes with restricted numbers, practice social distancing  by having non-contact activity such as bagwork and body weight training exercises to keep us all fit and conditioned. We have been looking at exciting new shorter Muay Thai class formats to keep you fit, strong and allow you to hit a bag or wall pad to de-stress and stay sane.

Whilst we have managed to secure gov’t funding this will only last a couple of months more and we are eternally grateful to those one or two people who managed to continue supporting the gym with their membership. I know more of you offered and wanted to but the finance company has made it a difficult and lengthy process which hasn’t helped. We also feel most uncomfortable receiving money and not being able to give something in return……

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it won’t be much longer. We appreciate it’s a difficult time for all and by working together and supporting each other we will prevail.

Missing everyone, take care and 🤞🏼see you all soon. 🙏🏽

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