Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Keep doing the video clips on the website and live sessions with James to stay active for your body and mind (these sessions are totally free but James is self-employed and lost all his income so if you would like to support him with a small donation each session (whatever you can afford or not) via his paypal account that would help…..I am asking for him because he would not).


We are coming up to our 6th week of closure this Friday. It seems longer and I am really missing teaching and inter acting with you all, especially my lovely juniors. Hope you lot are staying active too and doing your school work.

There has been some talk in the media about when gyms will be allowed to re-open. It’s widely acknowledged how important gyms are for keeping physically fit but they also play a massive part in improving mental health. A place where people socialise, meet new people and build friendships. Contact sports such as ours offers another dimension, giving people an outlet for their negative energy, the opportunity to release tension and stress through hitting punchbags, pads and training partners (this is what you’ll all be missing the most).

There has been no clear indication from government when we will be allowed to re-open. We presume that when we can it will be limited class numbers to maintain the social distancing required. We will probably offer  hourly bagwork classes throughout the day and evening with time allowed for cleaning and changeover with a separate entrance and exit.

In the meantime stay safe, keep active and we look forward to seeing you all again.


2 thoughts on “Wickerpedia 27.04.2020

  1. Brian stringer says:

    Hope it not closed much longer grandchildren putting kgs on they missing been put through it by kru trix i think and the confersation with harrison is still not above two grunts lol
    Hope you mick roo are all well and keep safe

    1. Trix March says:

      Hi Brian, good to hear from you. Give all of them a hug from me even Harrison haha. Hopefully we can get a small group together one evening in a local park to do a session? Will be in touch. Trix

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