Good morning everyone.

Strange times as I can’t post anything about what’s on as there’s nothing on!

I will be doing a spot of painting and DIY when I go to check on the gym so you’ll have some newly decorated areas on your return…….not too many though so don’t worry it’ll still be bad!!

We (me, Mick, Roo and Wicker Camp Team) hope you are all well and staying at home keeping as active as you can be.

It’s good to hear you’re following James’s online sessions and dipping into Roo’s short exercise clips too. You don’t have to go mad, it doesn’t and won’t be a perfect session but doing something is better than nothing.

I’ve had an email from Facebook asking to remove Roo’s clips because I played some tunes in the background!!!! See what happens…

It’s so important to stay physically and mentally well and we can’t stress enough to everyone to keep active whether that’s a walk in the park, a run or some structured exercise.

You also need to talk to people not always via text but make a call and have a conversation, talk about how you’ve been, ask how they are and share your feelings.

We know some of you may be really struggling not having the gym so if you need to talk we are all here, so give us a call if you are struggling.

Me and Roo will be doing some boxing blows later so look out for them. A short session just for punches…don’t laugh at the old bird.

Take care, stay safe, keep healthy.




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