Never done this before but here are some short easy audio/video sessions you can follow.

You can follow them in order or random, repeat them to make the workout more challenging it’s up to you.

Hopefully it will help you do something as hearing a voice directing always helps (sorry it’s mine).

I’ll do some more if we get good feedback, please comment.

Many thanks to my beautiful son Roo for doing these with me. The gym was freezing and I had my flip flops on, couldn’t feel my toes at the end!

2 thoughts on “Short exercise clips

  1. Adrian Hill says:

    Much appreciated – thank you x

  2. Martin says:

    Nice one on the skipping Roo! That gives me a few pointers. I suspect my video of my attempt at skipping would go viral ( an inappropriate phrase at the moment) but for all the wrong reasons. A private garden has it’s advantages and now I have a short term goal “ get reasonable at skipping”. So that is a good thing. To. You mick and trix stay healthy and safe. X

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