Hi everyone, just checking in with you all to make sure you are still keeping fit at home…..some ideas for you if you’re starting to go stir crazy.

Some aerobic exercise is possible at home with a skipping rope, static bike, stair walking (excellent for the legs), or you can do starjumps and the blocking drills.

Do your stretching routine, calves, quads, hamstrings, back, arms, shoulders and chest.

A few rounds of shadow sparring to refresh your memory of learned techniques, good practice for your balance, footwork and fighting stance and try some simple combinations.

Gym tests to keep strong, press ups, sit ups, squats and burpees.

Don’t forget to lay down for a few minutes at the end to let your mind and body unwind and relax and reflect on your performance.

If you run out of ideas contact us and we can give you some great ways of keeping active with Muay Thai at home.

Missing teaching and seeing you all…keep healthy, happy and keep kicking. X


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