Road 2 MTGP

Tickets now on sale (cash only please).

James Pierce, Adnan Ali and Guillem Martinez.


We also have a strong junior team of fighters competing in Birmingham on the same day…..Hanniyah Hamdi(16yr), Franky Sandor(12yr), Jan Tancos(15yr) and Sebastian Holub(13yr) is fighting for a title on this show.

Check this out

Umar is one of our long term students, he’s been training for 30 yrs and is still going strong at 60+!!

He’s a particular beast when it comes to stretching 👏👏👏

Men up North

Mental health affects so many people and does not discriminate. The recent pandemic has seen an increase in people struggling with their mental health and in particular young men. This organisation helps people so if you need help or just need to chat then get in touch….don’t suffer in silence.

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