Home Training is available to help keep you ticking over through lockdown.

  • One-To-One sessions will be available with James via Zoom, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams etc from tomorrow (9/11/20). Availability will be from 8AM-8PM Monday to Friday and 9AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday. Sessions will be catered specifically for each students needs whether that be fitness, improving technique, syllabus work for grading, fighting techniques etc. Zero equipment is needed, however if you have a bag or pads the dynamic of sessions will be different. One-To-One personal sessions are £15 per 45min session.


  • Group Classes are also available via Zoom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm providing a minimum of 5 people book on for each class. We will be working on a mixture of skills in these sessions e.g. fitness, technique, syllabus. Group sessions are 1h long and £4 per person.

Contact James directly via the details below for more information and to book your One-To-One/Group session.

Email: james@wickercamp.co.uk

Phone: 07853275116

Hope everyone is staying well and healthy both physically and mentally during these times. As always, if you need any help with your training or if you need a chat, contact me any time.

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