Timetable and Booking

Here is our November timetable and our online booking system…

All classes from Monday 2nd Nov and onwards are loaded so sign up and start  booking now.

REMEMBER : classes are restricted to 2-3 evening sessions per week per student to allow everyone the opportunity to train; as we are still heavily restricted on numbers to 16 per class.

Also our changing rooms and showers are ‘out of use’ until further notice so please arrive changed and ready for class.


Equipment Update

We have kids gloves now in stock from £20 and quality bag gloves in various sizes at £22.

WickerCamp logo tshirts and hoodys are on their way very soon.

Our KRUNG order has been held up with some issues at source due to COVID but I have been reassured it is being manufactured now  and will be with us in a few weeks time.




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