We would like to inform everyone that Wicker Camp will remain open until further notice.

The new Tier 2 lockdown restrictions are quite ambiguous with regards to people attending gyms and exercising. We have had no specific directive to change the way we operate and we will continue to abide to the stringent protocols we have in place with regards to limited numbers and hygiene practices.

We ask you to be extra vigilant and follow the NHS guidance on staying safe and respecting others.

We therefore suggest that you use your own discretion and be assured that Wicker Camp will continue to offer a safe and responsible environment for our students to exercise in.

We would like you to follow these additional rules…

  •  you must BOOK IN to any class you wish to attend (text or Whatsapp 07743596420). We will be offering our complete beginner students a new online booking service from November to make the booking in process more efficient.
  • you must CANCEL if not attending as we do have a reserve list for most of our evening classes and spaces can be filled at last minute. Please respect this as financially we cannot operate forever on these limited numbers. Repeat offenders will be charged full amount for not cancelling.
  •  because we have limited class sizes we encourage our graded students to stick to their own graded class. Priority must be given to students attending their own graded class. We ask if you could restrict your attendance to 2-3 evening classes per week to allow others who can maybe only attend once or twice a week the opportunity to book.
  •  we encourage all students to try and train in other classes such as the open and bagwork/padwork classes.
  •  you must wipe down your area after use and DO NOT leave any clothes, bags etc in communal areas.
  •  our women only sessions are now using a booking system  https://goteamup.com/p/3845149-womenwickercamp/


We have ‘straight outta lockdown’ t-shirts in stock now and our usual logo t-shirts and hoody’s are due in very soon.




The Krung order is also due in the next 1-2 weeks so boxing gloves and Krung bag gloves will be available.

We have a good selection of MTG Pro and Raja sparring gloves in stock as well as Thai shorts, shinpads, Thai oil, handwraps, skipping ropes, anklets and much more.


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