Temporary September Timetable

In light of the new restrictions the government has put in place from today we will not be changing our timetable for October; the above timetable will stay in place until further notice. We also have to continue with our current booking system SO to ensure everyone has an opportunity to train and access classes we ask everyone to limit your evening classes to 3 per week please.

We will also continue with our current guidelines (link below) and ask members to adhere to them respectfully.

COVID rules

We will also continue to offer either a ‘pay as you train’ option (£5/class, £4/class) or a ‘cash monthly’ membership option (£30/adult, £20/juniorU18) until further notice. These cash memberships are discounted from our normal rates and are the same as if you were paying through your bank via Direct Debit. They will be in place until the end of October as we do not want to re-instate DD memberships until we are 100% positive there will be no further forced closures.

We once again thank you all for your co-operation, support and understanding during these strange times. If you have any queries or issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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