WickerCamp’s first 2 weeks of being open has gone tremendously well. All our classes are busy, especially our beginner, junior and women only classes. Remember to book in advance for these classes.

We are making some slight changes to our classes and structure from this week.

We will be adopting a 1m+ rule throughout the gym and introducing the option of padwork.

2 students from the same house or 2 people who are part of each others social bubble will be allowed to do padwork together.

Students who wish to do this must follow these guidelines……

  • still book in as usual BUT you must register ie: book in, as a padwork couple. If you DO NOT register then you will not be allowed to train.
  • if your padwork partner does not show up then you must be prepared to do bagwork or not train.
  • you are responsible for cleaning down your area and sanitizing the pads after use.

The bagwork classes will run as normal for those students wanting to do bagwork.

May we remind if you book for a class and cannot attend you MUST cancel within a reasonable time frame so someone else can take your place.

Please don’t just not turn up.

Our excellent health and hygiene practices will continue with the shower and changing facilities not in use but access to our toilets remains.

If students can remember to bring a towel for floor work that will help reduce and minimise risk.


All our memberships will remain frozen until 1st Sept. Our DD members will be reinstated with new cards and our cash members will be issued with new cards and any days or months owing will be honoured.

WickerCamp would like to thank you all for your continued support and patience during this time.

Stay safe and happy training.

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