This is our new timetable and will remain until Sunday the 30th August when it will be reviewed for change.

We ask you to observe the following info, rules and guidelines when training at Wicker Camp…

  •  there are some dedicated classes on offer (B1, B2/3, Int/Adv, Women Only, Junior) as well as open classes that anyone can attend.
  •  there will be a one way system in place….you will enter through the usual entrance and exit via our fire escape route (at the bottom of the gym next to the boxing ring)
  •  you must book your chosen class via text or Whatsapp message on 07743596420.
  • You cannot just turn up for a class. You will not be allowed to train unless you have pre-booked.
  •  you will have your own dedicated training area so please remain in that area throughout the session.
  •  please arrive in your training kit, our changing rooms and showers cannot be used yet. Toilets will be in use.
  •  you must observe social distancing whilst queuing up and training.
  •  please use our hand sanitizing stations before and after your session.
  •  we cannot provide gloves so please bring your own. Also bring a towel for floor work.
  • We cannot keep training kit, water bottles etc so PLEASE DO NOT leave anything behind.
  •  all classes are pay as you train (members please read the Memberships section below after the timetable) adult classes are £5, junior classes are £4.

We understand these rules are fairly restrictive, but in order to keep everyone as safe as possible and conform to COVID guidelines these rules are in place to help us all.

Get booking, get training, get back.

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