At last we have finally been given a date ……….

Saturday 25th July.

This will be our BIG re-opening and unveiling weekend to show off the new fresher look combining fantastic new facilities with the old school charm of Wicker Camp……..

We will be offering lots of exciting new classes to attend over the weekend (free of charge of course) and times for people to come along have a look around, have a cuppa and catch up.

Our outdoor one to ones will continue to run until then, weather dependent of course and our online sessions will still be available every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm until 21st July.

Details of classes available and how to book on will follow next week.

Let’s all keep safe, keep active and definitely see you all very soon. X

2 thoughts on “Finally………

  1. Alison Dyson says:

    Wow Wicker open! So pleased for you guys and for us too. Sending love and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Trix March says:

      Hi, yes very excited and can’t wait to see everyone. x

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