It’s been a tough road back over the past 6 years – injuries, leading to depression, to ballooning up in weight…one point I didn’t think I’d fight again, so to work through it and get the opportunity to fight on one of the biggest events in the World and for everything to come together is overwhelming…

Thank you to everyone who supported me yesterday, via messages, video, calls and especially those who were able to spend your hard earned money and take the time out to travel down…an army of 160 strong in there, I can’t explain how much of a difference it makes knowing that support is behind you! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

We’re nothing without the people who help us improve…my trainers/family Mick and Trix have been with me through everything, easy to take them for granted sometimes. But, when you take a step back and look from the outside they have dedicated their lives to help people in every aspect of their lives for over 40 years…it’s unbelievable to have them, not only as my coaches but as my family too, even if they are harder on me than everyone else haha. Forever grateful.

Everyone who’s trained me in the gym, pushed me and battered me haha…thank you! You know who you are!

My fiancรฉ and family who support me through everything and puts up with my shit and sacrifices parts of her life so I can do what I love…never explain how much I love you.

Thank you to @calder_27 for giving me this opportunity, best event I’ve ever fought on by a mile… hopefully see you in October ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Much love to you all!