Hello everyone.

We missed a week but not much to report!!! We hope you are all well, staying safe and keeping active.

Well we have been closed 4 weeks today but it seems like longer!!! The days roll into one for us and time passes slowly😔. All we can do is look forward to when we can open again.

I have an idea to create some revenue for the gym and keep me busy😁 …… because it’s so cold at the moment if you would like a WickerCamp Bobble hat posting to you or delivered for £15 then please order via text on 07743596420.

Also taking orders for original design WickerCamp tees (£10) or Hoodys (£25).

GOVT. Guideline Clarification
I would like to confirm to everyone that we are extremely familiar with the govt. guidelines and have weekly updates. This is our livelihood so if there was any possibility that we could open for trading believe us we would.

There has been some misunderstanding of the govt. guidelines. The only sportspeople allowed to train are elite and professional athletes.
These people are either registered Olympic athletes or professional athletes who are registered with their governing body as professional (someone who earns their living doing this).

In the UK there are no professional Muay Thai fighters, only those as being self employed Muay Thai coaches who also fight. Our governing bodies do not have a professional registration system and they are not recognised by DCMS. So anyone claiming to be this in my opinion is bending the rules and any gym open is also bending the rules.

We are not finding it easy, it’s hard for everyone but WickerCamp will not jeopardise its future. We are in this together and we have to work together and stay positive for the future of the gym. We ask you to be patient and try and stay active using our online training sessions. We miss teaching as much as you miss training and we can’t wait to re-open but we have to wait, there is no option.

1:2:1 Video Sessions

One-to-one video sessions are available with James 7 days a week. Contact him for more information via details below.

Email: james@wickercamp.co.uk

Phone: 07853275116

Instagram: james.wicker.camp

Facebook: James Ogden Wicker Camp

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