Bagwork for juniors only.

These energy-packed classes are the ultimate program for your children, designed for kids between 5 – 15 years. Learning Muay Thai is excellent for self-defence, losing weight or building up.

For the kids it’s an exciting journey of discovery that teaches basic Muay Thai technique, develops key aspects such as flexibility, strength and co-ordination with a main aim to improve general fitness. There is a strong element of fun and enjoyment in the classes and we try to encourage independence, responsibility and develop confidence through specific Muay Thai activities.

Its core is based on the key Martial Arts principles of discipline, respect, integrity and trust. Issues such as bullying, healthy life style choices and stranger danger are addressed by building self confidence, and developing knowledge and understanding about life skills.

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July 18 @ 10:00
10:00 — 11:00 (1h)

Wicker Camp