Please arrive before 5pm if possible to support the event and all participants.

All bouts will be 3x1minute rounds and all participants will receive a medal (oxygen if required 😁)

We should be finished about 7/7.30pm.

This is the order of the bouts…..

1. Alex vs Tiger

2. Molly vs Elias

3. Jack vs Justin

4. Josh vs Helder

5. Martin vs Roo

6. Ezel vs Riley

7. Sabina vs Rebecca

8. Elias vs Ryan

9. Antony vs Will

10. Mitchell vs Jan

11. Bryan vs Trevor

12. Waqas vs Luke

13. Jasper vs Raheel

14. Ziga vs Franky

15. Andy vs Tom

16. Sebi vs Hanniyah

17. Shelim vs Juran

18. Jan vs Roo

19. Leon vs Adnan

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